The Magpie, Claude Monet, 1868-1869

In the late 1860s, Monet started to extend the need to capture sensations and render “the effect” to all transitory, even fleeting states of nature. Taking Pissarro, Renoir and Sisley with him, Monet tackled the great challenge of a snow-covered landscape, which Courbet had grandly explored with great success not long before. Toning down Courbet’s lyricism, Monet preferred a frail magpie perched on a gate, like a note on a staff of music, to the world of the forest and hunting. Sun and shade construct the painting and translate the impalpable part-solid part-liquid matter. The Impressionist landscape was born, five years before the first official exhibition when the movement was given its name.

This painting of a place in the countryside near Etretat, executed on the spot, uses very unusual pale, luminous colours, a fact highlighted by the critic Felix Fénéon: “[The public] accustomed to the tarry sauces cooked up by the chefs of art schools and academies, was flabbergasted by this pale painting.” The novelty and daring of Monet’s approach, which was more about perception than description, explain the painting’s rejection by the jury of the 1869 salon.

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Dionysus and Ariadne?


I think I wrote a little on their relationship in the Ariadne-centric post… (which is HERE!) Unless you’re asking about why I put them together in general, which is because one day Theseus just abandons her and Dionysus decides to marry her instead. [under a cut because wow i never realised i shipped them some much omg]

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"You come here often?" he asks, leaning slightly against the bar. She can smell the wine coming off of him in waves, and she wrinkles her nose delicately, swirling the stem of her Cosmopolitan in an attempt to avoid eye contact. "Come on, I’m just tryna be nice!" 

"Try and be nice somewhere else," she mutters, and he grins, leaning back and pointing at her. "What?" Ariadne demands, too tired and not nearly drunk enough for this. She slaps his finger away from her face, and tries to strengthen the intensity of her glare. (Hera does it all the time. She only hopes that she’s picked it up through osmosis.) 

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it saddens me to think of all the people who have out of character and ableist impressions of Joly

you are missing out on so much


i haven’t drawn anything in nearly two weeks and then fat dumb burds

ty 4 the suggestion, Lizzie

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autisticenjolras replied to your post: how do people not like Joly  do y…

I hate Joly, I hate Bossuet, I HATE Feuilly, everyone makes way too much commotion over him. Also, I believe in kicking puppies and the destruction of happiness, and I’m a capitalist.

how do people not like Joly 

do you also not like happiness I don’t understand 


okay drawing three people in 69 minutes is pushing it for me.

prompt: fav friendship

they’re fighting over breakfast . or at least that was what was in my head


Milly, my girl,” I heard him call. 
How about a kiss for your jailbird brother?

ARTIST: Mumford & Sons
TRACK: Dust Bowl Dance
ALBUM: Sigh No More

Seal my heart and break my pride
I’ve nowhere to stand and now nowhere to hide
Align my heart, my body, my mind
To face what I’ve done and do my time

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