He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus, but he talks like a gentleman


i want clint to notice everybody complaining about him and kate having the same superhero name bc “it’s confusing” so he officially changes his name to “dude hawkeye”

he even tweets it and has cap write it in the official superhero directory (he also makes cap make that a thing for this exact use) and makes everybody call him dude hawkeye on the coms and shit 

and when ppl call kate  ”lady hawkeye!” he just pulls out his mini-copy of the superhero directory and points to the page that says “Hawkeye: Kate Bishop” and is like “you must be mistaken friend, she’s hawkeye, i’m dude hawkeye, but there’s no lady hawkeye” 

ARTIST: The Mountain Goats
TRACK: Deuteronomy 2:10
ALBUM: The Life Of The World To Come
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e/r #22 pls bby

Enjolras/Grantaire, two miserable people meeting at a wedding au

Enjolras couldn’t help but hate himself a little bit as he sat at a deserted table in the back, far away from the festivities. They would have already noticed his absence, but he knew that he would never be able to hide his misery from Combeferre and Courfeyrac; the moment they laid eyes on him, they’d know how upset he was, and Enjolras was not going to make this about him. This was their day, and they deserved to be happy, and Enjolras was happy for them, he really was, he just needed some time away.

He had just drained his second glass of champagne when someone slid into the seat next to him.

"You’ve been sulking over here for an hour now," the man said, replacing his glass with a full one. "I’ve been told that you’re against marriage as an institution, but I didn’t think you disliked it enough to cry over your friends becoming entrapped in social expectations."

"I wasn’t crying,” Enjolras snapped. He wasn’t back here because he wanted to talk to people, and he especially didn’t want to be teased. He was going to storm off, but the man caught his wrist and gently pulled him back to his seat before he could.

“Don’t be cross; I was just trying to lighten the mood.” Enjolras’ frown only deepened, but he sat back down. His companion smiled at him in return. “I’m Grantaire. And you’re Enjolras and you’re upset because you don’t know what you’re going to do without them.”

“And how do you know all this?” His voice was cold and haughty; Grantaire was right, but he wasn’t going to admit it. Saying it aloud sounded so childish, and besides, he didn’t know who this guy really was anyway. He was vaguely familiar, but Enjolras didn’t want to pursue the matter. He just wanted to be left alone.

“I’m an old friend of Combeferre’s, which is why I’m moping over here with you instead of enjoying the party.”

Enjolras realized why Grantaire was so familiar; he was in every college story Combeferre had ever told them; he still had pictures of the two of them pinned to his wall. Enjolras had spent the better part of four years listening to Courfeyrac panic about how Combeferre was off hundreds of miles away, and falling in love with Grantaire if the way he spoke of him was any indication.

He wasn’t looking at him, instead playing with the stem of Enjolras’ discarded champagne flute and Enjolras couldn’t help the sudden pang of sympathy in his chest. He had spent so much time consoling Courfeyrac when he thought that his love was unrequited, he couldn’t help but feel bad for him. “You’re in love with him?”

Grantaire let off a soft huff of laughter and shook his head. “Not anymore, but it’s still a little sad. I’m happy for him and Courfeyrac; they’re perfect for each other and they’re going to have a great life, but an irrational part of me is upset nonetheless. Which is why I’m here.” He sat up straighter and took Enjolras’ hand in his own.

“You love them and you’re happy for them, but you’re still upset.” Enjolras opened his mouth to protest, but Grantaire cut him off before he could get a word out. “Don’t worry, it’s just between you and me. You love them, but they’re married now and you’re scared things are going to change and they’ll forget about you. You know it’s irrational, but you’ve never been without them and you don’t know what you’ll do.”

They sat next to each other in silence for a little while before Grantaire pushed up from the table. “Don’t worry about that,” he said, turning to face him and burying his hands deep into the pockets of his suit pants. “They love you and that’s not going to change; they’re never going to leave you behind or forget about you. It’s obvious that they care about you just as much as they care about each other, and that’s not going to go away just because they’re married now.”

As Grantaire turned to go, he put a hand on Enjolras’ shoulder. It was supposed to be a goodbye, but he couldn’t stop himself from moving it upwards, slipping up under Enjolras’ curls, brushing his neck with his fingertips before letting his hand rest there. The touch was too familiar- they had only just met, but Enjolras just leaned into him and closed his eyes. They stayed like that for a few moments before Grantaire finally pulled away.

“Go on,” he smiled, voice soft. “They’ll be missing you up there.”



  1. soulmates au
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  22. two miserable people meeting at a wedding au
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  29. going away to war au
  30. tourist/knowledgeable local au
  31. prostitute/client au
  32. doctor/companion au
  33. celebrity/fan au
  34. meeting at a masquerade ball au
  35. one of them trying to get the other one off of drugs au
  36. living in a society where their love is taboo au
  37. meeting in prison au
  38. cop/person getting a speeding ticket au
  39. long distance relationship au
  40. exes meeting again after not speaking for years au
  41. ghost/living person au
  42. star-crossed lovers au
  43. falling in love with their best friend’s partner au
  44. one of them being diagnosed with a terminal illness au
  45. pretending to hate each other au
  46. nanny/single parent au
  47. meeting at a festival au
  48. meeting again at a high school reunion au
  49. boss/intern au
  50. going through a divorce au





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Oh gosh it looks like they’ve put on the shades to hide their innocent gazes from whatever’s making them blush. XD
(love the cravats, too!)